For Those Stat Lovers – 2008 Ed stats galore

Well, it’s here. You’ve all been waiting for it. The Digest of Education’s Annual Statistics Report! Is it summer yet because this feels like Christmas in July!

The report is gigantic. The pfd is 728 pages. Needless to say I wont be reading the whole thing.

Some stats of interest:

Teacher to student ratio is down to 15 per teacher

Most of New England and the northern Midwest have seen decreases in enrollment. Could this point to school quality, economy, or some other factors?

About $9,000 dollars is spent per child each year. That’s more than I spent for my undergrad.

Average reading score in 2007 for 4th graders was 221 out of 500.

74% of 12th graders are at or above basic writing levels

66% of 12 graders understood US Civics. That scares me. We should be closer to 75% and upward if we want a functional society.

There are a slew of other states ripe for analysis. Being a statistical junkie I could rattle numbers off to you for ages. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or resources to really go in-depth on the meanings behind these figures like I would like to. Feel free to check them out on your own.


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