Can we fundraise? Can we make graphs? Let’s do it. Break it down!

I thought it would be interesting to check out a breakdown of the recent fundraising totals in the gubernatorial campaign. Today I’ve done them by each month. A couple notes on my graph. I’ve combined January, February, and March. Only Poliquin and Williams noted money in the first two months. This may give Poliquin a bit of a skewed total for the first three months, but bare in mind that the other candidates posted little or no numbers for Jan and Feb. Also I did not include Poliquin’s $100,000 self donation to his campaign in these numbers. Despite the fact that you cannot discount this money in the race and it is the candidate’s choice to reach into their own wallet, I wanted the graph to give everyone an idea of the early fundraising power of the candidates. So here it is. Discuss.

As the Augusta Insider has said, even without his self-donation, Bruce Poliquin has trumped his competitors in fundraising. That is something you cannot deny. Poliquin credits his early fundraising victory to his campaign team. “It’s really a testament to a lot of hard work by our team. We’ve attracted broad support from Mainers who believe our next Governor should have deep roots in this state and a background in business and finance.” ,Poliquin stated on his website.

But even Poliquin had to admit that this was only round one. Poliquin’s chief Republican competition, Matt Jacobson kept close to Poliquin in April and May fundraising totals, but fell behind in the June dash for cash. Jacobson announced his totals yesterday through his Tweet. According to the fundraising report at Pine Tree Politics, the Jacobson Campaign is focusing its early effort on getting the word out. They are hoping to build a strong momentum which will allow them to sail past Poliquin to the Republican nomination.

Steve Rowe made an impressive showing in June. Rowe raised the second highest total for the period, half of Poliquin’s take. Still $59,000 is not chump change, especially for only one month.

Again we shouldn’t forget that this is only the beginning folks. Campaigns are just out of the gate. Over the next four months we should see the cream begin to rise to the top.

Tomorrow – Out of state vs In state donations.

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