Now The MEA Wants the Glory

After a prolonged silence on Question 3 and declaring it was not important enough for a public statement, the MEA wants the glory.  A recent congratulatory email to MEA members has an interesting bit in its sidebar.  “The voters have spoken”  the email states.  Below that it reads No on 2, No on 3, No on4.  Really?  After not coming out in any way on question 3 they now want to congratulate the voters?  All the public silence and now this.  It only proves one thing.  They were for consolidation all along.  Why else would they congratulate voters for rejecting the repeal?  That is not what really gets me though.  Consolidation stays and now us with reform on our minds will move forward to work within the system. 

There is a little story I’m sure all of you heard as children.  I’ll repeat it for you.  Once a little red hen wanted to make some bread.  She asked all her farm friends to lend a hand.  None of them were willing to contribute.  The little red hen made the bread all on her own.  When she was finished the other farm animals all wanted in on this delicious treat.  The little red hen refuses them the fruits of her labor since they refused to help.  Moral: Those who do not contribute to not get to enjoy the end product.

I think the connection here is pretty clear.  They can certainly tout their efforts in helping defeated Question 2 & 4, but not on Question 3.   To be fair Q3 is not explicitly mentioned in the email’s message so I suppose they are still maintaining an official silence.  I still can’t help but looking at that No on 3 congratulations seeing an official statement right there.


2 Responses

  1. What about question #1? Is the MEA saying anything about #1 now?

    Question 3 results, and MEA’s silence (pre-vote), confirm what I was thinking all along…MEA wanted consolidation, but hid in the background.

    Let’s see where they stand with the next big thing: a state-wide contract.

    • I didn’t mention that or say anything because I was so angry I just wasn’t sure I could be civil about it. Enough time has passed so I can at least say a little something.

      They were supporters of No on 1. Even though we lost, everyone who helped, including the MEA, should remain proud of that fact. They could have had at least a little mention about it.

      The MEA leadership seem awfully mono-focused at times. That worries me. I’d be happy to be wrong.

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