Lynne Williams Interview

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Anna Trevorrow Interview

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Maine Greens Ready to Rumble

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Over the past few months the Maine Green Independent Party has locked horns with the Democrats on many issues. The Maine Greens have opposed recent changes to the Maine Clean Election Fund requirements and joined with the Maine GOP in speaking out against the recent tax reforms. Though the Greens have been active in Maine for some time they haven’t had anyone in Augusta since John Eder left in 2006. The Greens are working hard to prove they are a viable alternative to Maine’s Democrats.

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A little island causes a big stir

A new development project is coming to Sears Island. The little island off Searsport in Waldo County could be home to three hundred acres of industrial development if plans go through, with six hundred under protection. Governors have pushed for Sears Island, the largest undeveloped, uninhabited, causeway accessible island on the east coast, to be the home of many developments. Joseph Brennan and John McKernan advocated Sears Island be used as a general port. Angus King promoted its use as a wood chip port, while Governor Baldacci pushed for an LNG terminal and an intermodal freight transport hub on the island. Continue reading

Maine women could break gubernatorial glass ceiling

Susan Cover at the Kennebec Journal/Maine Sentinel pointed out an interesting statistic that I had never stopped to consider. Maine has never had a woman governor. Maine is one of twenty-seven states and one of only two New England states (Rhode Island being the other) to have never elected a woman as governor.

This election could, as Cover points out, make history. At this point the list of female candidates includes three Democrats (Donna Dion, Dawn Hill, and Rosa Scarcelli) and one Green Party candidate (Lynne Williams).

Augusta Insider Twitter Update

The Augusta Insider has provided us with the 6th installment of their Gubernatorial Twitter Primary series.

Not a large change from the previous numbers. Matt Jacobson continues to dominate Twitter in number of followers and massive growth. It looks as though the Jacobson will not be giving up his crown as King of Twitter anytime soon.

Newcomer Rosa Scarcelli make an impressive entrance onto the Twitter field. Scarcelli has come right out of the gate with 130 followers, following 131, and 71 tweets. The puts her at the head of the pack in the Dems and third overall. I’m going to give Scarcelli the “Best Start from a Newbie” award.

Here are the current stats from Augusta Insider:

Independent Alex Hammer (@AlexHammer) is following 401, has 337 followers, and 620 Tweets; -31 Followers.

Democrat Dawn Hill (@DawnHillNow) is following 20, has 12 followers, and 1 Tweet.

Republican Matt Jacobson (@jacobson4gov) is following 695, has 968 followers, and 65 Tweets; +214 Followers.

Republican Les Otten (@LesOtten) is following 0, has 40 followers, and 1 Tweets; +10 Followers.

Republican Bruce Poliquin (@BruceForME) is following 85, has 92 followers, and 110 Tweets; -3 Followers.

Democrat Steven Rowe (@Steven_Rowe) is following 0, has 121 followers, and 5 Tweets; +11 Followers.

Democrat Rosa Scarcelli (@rosascarcelli) is following 131, has 130 followers, and 71 Tweets.

Green Independent Lynne Williams (@Lynne4Governor) is following 11, has 38 followers, and 18 Tweets;+2 Followers.

Augusta Insider points out that Peter Mills and Donna Dion are absent from Twitter at this point. Mills cited a Yahoo News Story (TMT Too Much Twitter?) as evidence for why he avoids Twitter. Probably in jest. I’d be surprised if any serious candidate kept away from Twitter entirely at this point.

Irregular Times questions Patrick Quinlan’s seriousness

In a post last week the Irregular Times questioned if Green Party candidate Patrick Quinlan is actually serious about his run for governor. When you compare what he has done so far with the legwork that Lynne Williams has been putting in the answer, as Irregular Times points out, becomes clear.

from Irregular Times:

Williams has a campaign website that solicits donors and volunteers. She has an active Facebook group and (although I don’t understand the need for or substance of this) twitters about campaign activities as well.

Lynne Williams has submitted her July 2009 Pre-Election Semiannual campaign finance report, which was released to the public this afternoon. The report shows 31 contributions of more than $50, none more than $100, including Tom Hayden (yes, that Tom Hayden).

Patrick Quinlan has a website, but that website makes no mention of him running for public office (the website promotes his three novels and one co-written memoir). Quinlan’s MySpace page similarly makes no mention of a gubernatorial run. A blog of his mentions him “thinking about running for Governor of Maine” and “whether I ultimately run for Governor or not,” as late as June 23 of this year, long after Lynne Williams’ campaign was effectively up and running. Quinlan’s required Pre-Election Semiannual campaign finance report has not yet been posted.

There’s a lot of time left in the 2010 election cycle, but judging by the status of candidacies today, it looks as though there may be just one major Green Party candidate for Governor of Maine in 2010.

It’s true. I tried my damnedest a while back to write something about Quinlan, but there just isn’t anything out there. Unless you are curious about his most recent tome that is. Quinlan does have a blog, with two posts; one about his book and the other about peak oil.

Maybe Quinlan is just hanging back, seeing what moves his competitors make first. A little strategery maybe? My gut tells me Williams can probably put away the Pepto and relax.