The MEA Saga Continues

“Stop Excise Tax Cap”

“Stop TABOR”

Two bright red stop signs advise this to readers of October’s monthly MEA publication, the Maine Educator.  Questions 2 and 4 on this November’s ballot feature prominently in the publication.  Of its eight pages, I’m not counting the ads, four of those are devoted to the referendum questions.  Two and one half are devoted entirely to the excise tax cap and TABOR II.  Question 1, the same sex marriage repeal, receives half a page.  Question 3 receives roughly one quarter of a page concerning the November referendums, I’m being generous here.  The rest of that piece is devoted to Questions 2 and 4.  There is a lot to discuss here, so let’s jump right in. Continue reading

Interview ME Gov Candidate Eliot Cutler (I)

The Maine View has interview gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler.  Mr. Cutler is running as an independent.  We discussed his view on education, the economy, Dirigo health care, and more.  Please read out full interview after the cut.  See more interviews with Maine 2010 gubernatorial candidates at the Augusta Insider. Continue reading

Weekly Blog Round-Up: Education, Portland Republicans, Marriage & More

A  round-up of stories published Sept 20th – Sept 26th at The Maine View and from other Maine blogs. Continue reading

Teachers Vs Inmates. Inmates Win. UPDATED

I am not an angry person. It takes a lot to push me over. I can get passionate about a subject, but it’s a rare event when I’m actually moved to pure anger. When I read what I’m about to discuss I do believe my face turned fire engine red and scalding steam came out my ears. I’ve settled enough now, only took me 12 hours, to inform you about what got me so riled up.  We’re going to talk a bit about schools and prisons.  Continue reading

9/12 Biddeford Tea Party Report

On a drizzly Saturday roughly 40-50 Mainers gathered at Mechanics Park in Biddeford.  The purpose?  A Tea Party. Continue reading