Separating Same-Sex Marriage Fact From Fiction

Earlier, Dirigo Blue posted part of a Bangor Daily News editorial on Question 1.  The post contained a piece of the Op/Ed which addressed the claim by Yes on 1 that gay marriage will be forced to be taught to children in Maine schools if the people’s veto fails.  Those claims are false, as the Op/Ed points out.  You can read the excerpt from Dirigo Blue here.  The Op/Ed goes on to question more of the validity of the Yes on 1 claims.  It is important here to separate fact from speculations and outright falsehoods.  The remainder of Op/Ed will appear after the cut.  Continue reading

Weekly Blog Round-Up: Referendum Questions, Portland GOP, & More

A  round-up of stories published Sept 27th – Oct 3rd at The Maine View and from other Maine blogs. Continue reading

A Religious Comment On Question 1

I was reading over some of the comments I received today. I came across one that I thought I should re-post. The comment came from Father Marty Kurylowicz. Fr. Kurylowicz holds a Master’s Degree in Divinity and Clinical Psychology. Part of his study includes work at the Thalamus Center. The Thalamus Center studies early childhood psychology including gender identity and human sexuality. ” In this way”, the site states, “we can begin to understand how and why social and religious norms regarding human sexuality have been formed more out of ignorance and fear. We are then able with knowledge to begin disabling this dangerous combination that is self-perpetuating, generation after generation, seriously limiting human beings from reaching their fullest potential.”  Read Fr. Kurylowicz full comment after the cut. Continue reading

Faith Leaders Support Equality, Call for NO on 1 in November

Religious leaders from various faiths gathered simultaneously today in both Portland and Bangor.  The Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry in Maine (RCFMM from now on) sought to spread the message that all Maine families ought to be treated equally under the law.  The RCFMM, which represented 18 faith traditions, pledged it’s support for No on 1/Protect Maine Equality.  Full statement after the cut. Continue reading

Question 1 Passions Erupt

The campaigns for and against Question 1 have been really heating up.  You’ve seen the ads at just about every commercial break.  The Op/Ed pages are full of healthy debate.  Even though this is a passionate issue things have remained relatively civil up until now.  I was hugely disappointed after I read the following.

Stand for Marriage Maine, the group fighting to repeal the law legalizing same-sex marriage in the state, says it has been the target of vandals in recent weeks. Continue reading

Maine Religious Leaders to Announce Support for Marriage Equality

Maine religious leaders will gather at press conferences in Portland and Bangor on Thursday, October 1, at 3:00 p.m. to endorse the NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign.

The Portland press conference will take place at the Immanuel Baptist Church, 156 High Street.

Participants are:

* Rt. Rev. Steven T. Lane, IX Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine
* Rev. David Gaewski, Executive Minister, Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ (UCC)
* Rev. Deborah Davis-Johnson, Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church (American Baptist)
* Rev. Don Rudalevige, Retired United Methodist Pastor and District Superintendent
* Anne Underwood, Founding Member, Catholics for Marriage Equality

The Bangor press conference will take place at the Hammond Street Congregational Church (UCC), 28 High Street.

Participants are:

* Rev. Kent Ulery, President, Bangor Theological Seminary (UCC)
* Rabbi Darah Lerner, Congregation Beth El (Reform)
* Rev. Susan Davies, Dean of Students and External Affairs, Bangor Theological Seminary (UCC)
* Rev. Becky Gunn, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor (UU)

The simultaneously occurring press conferences will allow leaders representing a broad spectrum of Maine’s religious communities to gather in unity to support and endorse NO on 1 and encourage Mainers to vote for fairness and equality.

Telephone Press Conference Tomorrow With Educators On Question 1

Educators and Legislatures will gather tomorrow to speak on same-sex marriage in Maine.  They will be available for a phone conference beginning at 4pm.  The purpose of the conference is to address myths and falsehoods surrounding same-sex marriage in Maine and our schools.  No On 1/Protect Maine Equality is hosting the event.  More information after the cut. Continue reading