Weekly Blog Round-Up: Gubernatorial Inerviews, Marriage, & More.

A  round-up of stories published Oct 11th – Oct 17th at The Maine View and from other Maine blogs Continue reading

AG Mills Debunks Education And LD 1020 Myths

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills has just released her assessment of how LD 1020 (the same-sex marriage law) will impact Maine public school curricula.  AG Mills has gone over Maine laws related to education with a fine toothed comb looking if they have even the slightest mention of teaching about marriage of any sort in public schools.  It should be no surprise that her search turned up nothing.  So why should we believe that same-sex marriage will suddenly be forced upon our children in public school?  We shouldn’t.  Continue reading

Secretary of State ’09 Voter Information Guide

The Secretary of State’s office has released its 2009 voter information guide.  The guide provides information on what each question is asking, what they represent, and what a “yes” or “no” vote on each question means.  Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with each question.  An informed voter is the best kind.  And of course don’t forget to vote November 3rd, or earlier depending on your town.  A thank you too Rep. Meredith Strang Burgess (R-Cumberland) for the heads up on this. Continue reading

CM Bitter on Question 1

CM Bitter is doing a series this week on their November ballot question picks.  Yesterday they began with Question 1.  Question 1 reads “Do you want to reject the new law that lets same-sex couples marry and allows individuals and religious groups to refuse to perform these marriages?”  CM Bitter’s opinion follows. Continue reading