Should Maine Cut School Days to Cut Costs?

Maine is in a budget crunch. That isn’t news to anyone, including educators. Education takes the biggest slice of the pie (40% of the state budget), so it is sure to face cuts.  That isn’t news either.  With a $66 million budget gap on their minds, lawmakers gathered yesterday to discuss what cuts could be made to make ends meet.  “In all likelihood, we need to be prepared to bear a portion of the revenue shortfall,” said Education Commissioner Sue Gendron.  “I was clear with the superintendents — I don’t know how much that is, and that I’ve not been given direction as to what the target is.” One suggestion to cut costs has been school shutdown days.  Continue reading

The MEA Anti-TABOR Horror Show

A new anti-TABOR pdf has begun circulating around the web.  I came across the piece at Behind Blue Lines.  There have been a lot of editorials for and against TABOR lately.  This one is likely to draw a bit more attention then others.  This new anti-TABOR invokes some strong imagery.  You might think TABOR was the next Jason or Michael Meyers after reading this piece.  Where does this new anti-TABOR work come from?  The MEA Continue reading

Stephen Bowen Comments On School Shut Down Days

Stephen Bowen of the Maine Heritage Policy Center has a few things to say about Maine using school shut down days to trim down the education budget.  Mr. Bowen goes in-depth on alternatives to shut down days, school district consolidation, and teacher compensation.  Mr. Bowen’s full comments after the cut. Continue reading

Weekly Blog Round-Up: More Green Now, Susan Collins, Polling, & More

A  round-up of stories published Sept 13th – Sept 19th at The Maine View and from other Maine blogs. Continue reading