Charter Schools: The Educational Equivalent of the Snuggie?

Charter schools are still a hot education topic in Maine.  A meeting in Augusta last month rekindled the fire.  Opponents of charter schools in Maine fear what will become of public schools.  They categorize charters as a slight to the hard work done in public schools.  Charters, some believe, undermine the public school system and must be avoided in Maine.  Charter schools are in fact public schools.  They do not charge admissions.  Charters do not have selective admissions policies; LD 1438 was quite clear on this.  Unfortunately, as a new article at Public School Insights points out, it may be overzealous charter supporters who are propagating these notions Continue reading


The State Of Maine Education: Dr. Robert Hasson

I conducted the first interview in the State of Maine Education series with Dr. Robert Hasson.  Dr Hasson is superintendent of schools in my district, SAD #51.  In the interview we discussed dropout rates, school consolidation, charter schools, and more.  Full interview after the cut. Continue reading