No on 1 Calls for An End to Distortions and Attacks

Speaker Hannah Pingree and former Maine Attorney General Jim Tierney joined together at No on 1 today.  They spoke refuting the education claims made by Yes on 1, as well as other worries.  Speaker Pingree also defended the process by which AG Mills answered Ed Commissioner Susan Gendron’s questions about LD 1020 and education.  “The commissioner did the right thing by seeking an opinion from Maine’s top legal officer on these non-stop claims,” said Speaker Pingree.  “But when they didn’t get the answer they wanted, the Question 1 campaign attacked the messenger rather than finally acknowledging the inaccuracy and harm caused by this non-ending barrage.”  I admire Speaker Pingree and former AG Tierney for coming to the defense of same-sex marriage, but you can be sure that those opposed to same-sex marriage in Maine will say they too are just part of some bigger scheme.  Again, I appreciate their work, but misinformation and speculative “facts” aside, I would imagine most people have made up their minds at this point.  You are either are going to vote yes or no and are pretty solid on that decision.  I think that will be the last I’ve say on this issue, which I’ve decided literally as I type this.  You know how you are going to vote.  If I haven’t changed your mind yet, I wont.  I’ll still post releases from No on 1, but I think I’ve made my case.  See you at the polls. Continue reading

Town Officials Speak Out in Opposition to Question 1

Town officials met in Bangor today in support of No on 1.  They reiterated yet again that LD 1020 will end discrimination in civil marriage and continue protecting religious freedoms.  The officials representing communities in several eastern and central Maine counties.  The officials, some of whom were former school board members, reiterated that there is nothing in LD 1020 that would impact what is taught in public education.  “I also taught Sunday School at Hancock Congregational Church for many years.  Teaching about marriage and moral values belongs rightly in church and in the home.”, said one speaker.  Read the full statement after the cut. Continue reading

AG Mills Debunks Education And LD 1020 Myths

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills has just released her assessment of how LD 1020 (the same-sex marriage law) will impact Maine public school curricula.  AG Mills has gone over Maine laws related to education with a fine toothed comb looking if they have even the slightest mention of teaching about marriage of any sort in public schools.  It should be no surprise that her search turned up nothing.  So why should we believe that same-sex marriage will suddenly be forced upon our children in public school?  We shouldn’t.  Continue reading

Same-Sex Marriage In Maine Receives Further Endorsements

No On 1 has received several more endorsements today.  The Maine Children’s Alliance, Maine Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers Maine Chapter, Community Counseling Center and Kids First center all came out in support of maintaining same-sex marriage in Maine.  Read more about why after the cut. Continue reading

No On 1 Clarifies “Fitzgibbon Ad” Concerns

You may or may not have already seen the Stand for Marriage Maine’s first television ad.  The ad stated same-sex marriage in Maine will cause widespread legal conflict, church organizations could lose their tax exemption, and “homosexual marriage will be taught in schools whether parents like it or not”.  Gerald Weinand of Dirigo Blue, Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald, and myself have address some of these concerns already. Continue reading

The Maine View On Same Sex Marriage in Maine

In 76 days we will know how Mainers feel about same-sex marriage.  There have been rumors that if LD 1020 falls to the People’s Veto, LD 1118 may be resurrected.  Representative Leslie Fossel proposed LD 1118, An Act to Expand Rights for Maine Families, as an alternative to the same-sex marriage proposal put forth in LD 1020.  Rep. Fossel’s bill would have created registered domestic partnerships, rather than extend marriage to all couples.  Rep. Fossel hoped his bill would avoid a “culture war” over same-sex marriage that would derail any unions for gay couples.  However anything but absolute legal marriage equality for same-sex couples is not good enough anymore. Continue reading

No On 1 Responds To Same-Sex Marriage Veto Ballot Certification

As you are probably already aware, the People’s Veto of LD1020 will officially be on November’s ballot.  Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap has announced that 60,391 of the more than 70,000 signatures collected by same-sex marriage opposition will count.  This is more than enough to break the 50,000 signature threshold for the People’s Veto to appear on this November’s ballot.  Though the battle for marriage has already begun, it will certainly start heating in these final months. Continue reading