Steve Rowe and the Women Vote

Former Senate President Beth Edmonds has released a statement asking for contributions to the Steven Rowe campaign. Beth Edmonds served four terms in the State Senate and was elected Senate President in 2003, making her the second woman to serve in that position.  Environmental groups, LGBT rights groups, labor, and educational groups supported Edmonds in her 2006 run for senate, which she won. Edmonds also has been involved with the National Organization for Women. Continue reading

Maine Gubernatorial Primary Poll Results

Here are the final completely unscientific results on The Maine View Gubernatorial Primary Poll.  Continue reading

The End Of The Poll Is Near

I created the Gubernatorial primary poll, which is absolutely non-scientific, really to just give those who Twitter and people who happen on my blog and Facebook a way to make an extremely early chance to vote for their favorite candidate. I’m surprised at all of the buzz it has generated.   Continue reading

Maine Gubernatorial Primary Poll Update 9/13

The Maine View’s gubernatorial primary polls have been open for about 5 days now.  The response has been great.  A total of 262 votes have been cast so far.  If you have already voted thank you.  Tell a friend or fellow supporter of your candidate to vote as well.  If you haven’t voted yet, well there’s no time like the present.  Graphs and analysis after the cut. Continue reading

Weekly Blog Round-Up: Health Care, Tax Reform, Maine Leads, & More

A  round-up of stories published Sept 6th – Sept 12th at The Maine View and from other Maine blogs. Continue reading

Maine 2010 Gubernatorial Primary Poll

Primaries aren’t until June, but you can show support for your nomination for Governor at here The Maine View.  Just click the Maine 2010 Primaries tab at the top of the page and place your vote.  This poll will continue until the primaries have concluded.  You can also rate candidates websites here.

Gubernatorial Candidates Remember Ted Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy will be remembered today at a funeral service in Boston.  The late senator will be later laid to rest in Arlington cemetery next to his brothers he eulogized over 40 years ago.   Several 2010 candidates for governor have provided their thoughts on Senator Kennedy’s passing and legacy. Continue reading