Guest Post: Teresa S. Madore on Valuing Education

(Originally published as a letter to the editor in the St. John Valley Times, summer 2009)

At the turn of the 20th century, the rate of available knowledge used to double every hundred years, now the rate of available knowledge doubles every five years.  We live in an increasingly complex world, and in order to be successful, productive citizens of this world, we must be well educated.  In order for mankind to progress, we must nurture and safeguard the education of our youth. Continue reading

Representative Seth Berry on School Consolidation

Before Maine House Majority Whip Seth Berry (D-Bowdoinham) served in the legislature he taught students in New York City.  Rep. Berry has also acted as a consulting teacher in MSAD #57 and other schools in Maine.  With less than a month until Mainers decide whether or not to repeal school consolidation, voters need all the information they can get on Question 3. Rep. Berry has provided his thoughts on school consolidation, from its inception in 2007 to the present.  View Rep. Berry’s full statement after the cut. Continue reading

Separating Same-Sex Marriage Fact From Fiction

Earlier, Dirigo Blue posted part of a Bangor Daily News editorial on Question 1.  The post contained a piece of the Op/Ed which addressed the claim by Yes on 1 that gay marriage will be forced to be taught to children in Maine schools if the people’s veto fails.  Those claims are false, as the Op/Ed points out.  You can read the excerpt from Dirigo Blue here.  The Op/Ed goes on to question more of the validity of the Yes on 1 claims.  It is important here to separate fact from speculations and outright falsehoods.  The remainder of Op/Ed will appear after the cut.  Continue reading

No On 3 School Consolidation Statement

In a little over a month Mainers will head to the polls to vote on a number of issues. Questions 1 (same-sex marriage), 2 (excise taxes), and 4(TABOR II) have received a large amount of press.  Question 3 (repeal school consolidation) has been in the shadow of these other issues up until now.  Matthew Stone of the Kennebec Journal has brought the issue into the mainstream media light over the past few days.   I have contacted both No on 3 and Yes on 3 camps.  Both sides have been given an opportunity to make their cases on The Maine View.  Today we have a statement from No on 3.  Full statement after the cut. Continue reading

Telephone Press Conference Tomorrow With Educators On Question 1

Educators and Legislatures will gather tomorrow to speak on same-sex marriage in Maine.  They will be available for a phone conference beginning at 4pm.  The purpose of the conference is to address myths and falsehoods surrounding same-sex marriage in Maine and our schools.  No On 1/Protect Maine Equality is hosting the event.  More information after the cut. Continue reading

Stephen Bowen Comments On School Shut Down Days

Stephen Bowen of the Maine Heritage Policy Center has a few things to say about Maine using school shut down days to trim down the education budget.  Mr. Bowen goes in-depth on alternatives to shut down days, school district consolidation, and teacher compensation.  Mr. Bowen’s full comments after the cut. Continue reading

Weekly Blog Round-Up: Education, Portland Republicans, Marriage & More

A  round-up of stories published Sept 20th – Sept 26th at The Maine View and from other Maine blogs. Continue reading