Interview ME Gov Candidate Eliot Cutler (I)

The Maine View has interview gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler.  Mr. Cutler is running as an independent.  We discussed his view on education, the economy, Dirigo health care, and more.  Please read out full interview after the cut.  See more interviews with Maine 2010 gubernatorial candidates at the Augusta Insider. Continue reading

Maine Coast Vineyards: Maine Wine Country’s Coming of Age

When you think of the American wine country your thoughts probably turn to the west coast.  Napa and Sonoma likely come to mind.  How about Maine?  It may come as a surprise, but Maine has a vibrant, growing wine region, producing some fine bottles.  I had the opportunity to interview one of the owners of a new vineyard and winery, Maine Coast VineyardsSteve Melchiskey discusses how and why he came to make wine in Maine, his support for local businesses, Maine’s business climate, and more. Continue reading

South Portland City Council Health Benefits Continue

Debates are raging over health care across the country. Communities are struggling to make fiscal ends meet in the tough economy. The state of Maine recently made state employees – including legislators – contribute to the cost of their healthcare, a first. This is the climate in which the South Portland City Council voted on whether to keep their own health benefits. Continue reading