Lynne Williams Interview

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Anna Trevorrow Interview

Green Party Chair Anna Trevorrow on clean elections, tax reform, and the Maine Green’s future Continue reading

Maine Greens Ready to Rumble

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Over the past few months the Maine Green Independent Party has locked horns with the Democrats on many issues. The Maine Greens have opposed recent changes to the Maine Clean Election Fund requirements and joined with the Maine GOP in speaking out against the recent tax reforms. Though the Greens have been active in Maine for some time they haven’t had anyone in Augusta since John Eder left in 2006. The Greens are working hard to prove they are a viable alternative to Maine’s Democrats.

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A little island causes a big stir

A new development project is coming to Sears Island. The little island off Searsport in Waldo County could be home to three hundred acres of industrial development if plans go through, with six hundred under protection. Governors have pushed for Sears Island, the largest undeveloped, uninhabited, causeway accessible island on the east coast, to be the home of many developments. Joseph Brennan and John McKernan advocated Sears Island be used as a general port. Angus King promoted its use as a wood chip port, while Governor Baldacci pushed for an LNG terminal and an intermodal freight transport hub on the island. Continue reading