Question 3 on 6pm News Tonight

I’ve just been informed that WCSH 6 and WLBZ 2 will be airing a 6 minute pro and con segment on Question 3 tonight at 6pm.  There’s still time to bring the truth and dispell the fears on repealing consolidation.  Following the cut is an Op/Ed by Michael Kosowsky, Chair, Five Town CSD School Board.  Please spread the truth on repealing consolidation and don’t forget to vote this Tuesday.

The school boards representing Appleton, Camden, Hope, Lincolnville and Rockport urge you to vote “yes” on question 3 to repeal Maine’s school reorganization law.

In our towns, the reason to vote for repeal is simple: it saves us money. If the law is not repealed, our schools lose state funding whether or not we reorganize.  Under our latest estimates, if we do reorganize, we lose about $375,000 per year in state subsidy across the five towns and may see an in increase in staffing costs of $420,000 annually within a few years; if we don’t reorganize, we must pay penalties that total about $600,000 per year.

If the law is repealed, those costs vanish.

For voters in other communities, “yes on 3” is still the right choice.  Repealing the law means that districts that have not reorganized will not have to pay penalties. Districts that have reorganized and have found it has not worked will have the opportunity to back out.  And districts that have reorganized and found that it indeed provides better education for their students will be free to remain reorganized.

Our five towns are committed to pursuing consolidation when it will improve the education of our children and where it will reduce costs.  But the reorganization mandated by this law does neither. Voters in the Five Towns overwhelmingly defeated the reorganization plan last January; please take the next step and vote yes on 3 to repeal the flawed reorganization law itself.

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