How You Can Help Yes On 3

A post at the Augusta Insider shows that No on 3 has been getting help from corporate interests.  Yes on 3 is largely a grassroots movement.  This is why they need your help.  With a week left until Maine votes, it is important Yes on 3 drums up as much support as possible.  Corporate interests, in an effort to kiss up to Governor Baldacci, have thrown in their weight against the interests of Maine communities.  It is time to stand up for the little guy, the communities who didn’t have the influence to talk their way into exemptions, and help repeal the current school consolidation law.  There are some simple things you can do to help in this final week.

A Vote Yes on #3 poster(PDF Warning) has been created.  You can download the poster by clicking on the link and print out copies from your home computer.  The PDF can also be emailed to your local copy center.  You can ask the copy center to print the posters on 11×17 yellow print stock.  You then have your own mountable lawn signs.  Get creative.  Find high traffic areas you can place posters or signs.  Also, if you are printer lawn signs, be sure to ask your print center to print them with ink not toner.

Letters to the editor are a great way to spread the word on repealing consolidation.  Any feelings as to why this consolidation law has not worked for Maine schools will be appreciated.  Personal stories as to why consolidation has failed your community are powerful reminders of why this law is unequal.  A few words from the heart might be just what some need to convince them.

I leave you with a few words from Skip Greenlaw.  Don’t forget to vote early if you can and help spread the word any way you can.  Thank you.

In 1860 there were 4,164 school districts in Maine.  Obviously, there has been a great deal of consolidation since then.  This consolidation effort by the Baldacci Administration is the first and only consolidation effort, which has NOT provided some incentive to consolidate.  One more reason why this law was flawed from the start.

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