Portland Daily Sun Says Repeal Consolidation

The Portland Daily Sun recently released their November 3rd voter recommendations.  On the issue of school consolidation repeal, Question 3, the PDS recommends a YES vote.  A yes vote will repeal the current consolidation law.

School consolidation has been a quiet issue here in Portland.  There is a good reason for that.  Portland did not have to consolidate.  Portland’s large size allowed it to receive an exemption from the state, thus avoiding the troubles many districts have face.  Portland was able to avoid inflexible rules, penalties, and other headaches felt by communities that were not large enough, or did not have enough pull, to be exempted from consolidation.  That doesn’t mean Portlanders, and all those in Southern Maine, shouldn’t take a hard look at the consolidation law and hopefully realize it is unfair, unequal, and not working.  Read the Sun Daily’s full opinion after the cut. Continue reading