A Blue Hill Resident on School Consolidation

Robert Webster of Blue Hill posted this comment earlier today on a piece featuring a statement from Rep. Seth Berry on school consolidation.  Mr. Webster has given his statement as to why the school consolidation law should be repealed.  You can read Mr. Webster’s full statement after the cut.

The consolidation law should be repealed. A “yes” vote on Question #3 will restore fairness to the organization of school systems in Maine. Mandated consolidation does not work for rural areas. People throughout Maine should recognize and honor the votes of over 200 communities that rejected consolidation. Large school systems will not meet the needs of eastern and northern Maine. Continue reading

Women’s and Children’s Groups Support No on 1

No on 1 has received more endorsements from Maine women’s and children’s groups today.  Several groups including the Maine Women’s Lobby, Maine National Organization for Women, Family Planning Association of Maine, and Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence were just a few who urged Mainers to vote no on question one.  Read the full release from No on 1 and statements from some of the supporting organizations after the cut. Continue reading

Guest Post: Teresa S. Madore on Valuing Education

(Originally published as a letter to the editor in the St. John Valley Times, summer 2009)

At the turn of the 20th century, the rate of available knowledge used to double every hundred years, now the rate of available knowledge doubles every five years.  We live in an increasingly complex world, and in order to be successful, productive citizens of this world, we must be well educated.  In order for mankind to progress, we must nurture and safeguard the education of our youth. Continue reading