Maine Green Indepenent Party Opposes Questions 2 & 4

The Maine Green Independent Party has announced that they oppose Question 2 (excise tax) or Question 4 (TABOR II).  Maine Greens believe cutting excise tax only benefits those who can afford to buy a new car, adversely impacts town budgets, and seeks to encourage alternative modes of transportation.  TABOR II, according to the MGIP would limit Maine government’s ability to care for those that most need help.  This is a split from other Maine Greens, including former candidate for Governor Pat LaMarcheMore Green Now is an effort to support the cutting of Maine’s excise tax.  That cite similar party concepts in their support of Question 2.  They see the excise tax cut as beneficial to the environment.  The cut will allow more people to able to afford more fuel efficient and hybrid automobiles, More Green Now says.  More Green Now also claims that a Yes on question to will bring more money to those that need it most.  Voters will decide for themselves soon enough.  Read the entire MGIP statement after the cut.

Portland, Maine – Citing party platform concepts of Decentralization and Social Justice, the Maine Green Independent Party and the Cumberland County Green Independent Committee announced opposition to November ballot referendum questions 2 and 4.

“We question whether people that can afford to buy new cars really need a tax break,” said Ben Chipman, Chair of the Cumberland County Green Independent Committee.

Tax related referendum questions 2 and 4 will ask voters to cut the motor vehicle excise tax by an average of 50% and cap government spending according to the formula of population growth plus inflation respectively.

“Question 2 goes against the party’s key value of decentralization by mandating that towns foot the bill for an across-the-board revenue cut,” said Anna Trevorrow, Chair of the Maine Green Independent Party.

MGIP Treasurer Anthony Zeli noted that the Green Independent Party supports taxation that encourages alternative modes of transportation.

“A reduction in the excise tax would promote the sales and production of new vehicles, putting more cars on the road in a time when we must transition to a new era of clean, convenient, and affordable transportation,” Zeli said.

Question 4 goes against the party’s key value of Social Justice.  If passed, it “would severely limit the state government’s ability to care for the people of Maine by capping spending according to a formula that does not account for social services,” Trevorrow said.

The Green Independent Party believes that a crucial role of the government is to provide necessary social services such as education and healthcare to people most in need.

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