Separating Same-Sex Marriage Fact From Fiction

Earlier, Dirigo Blue posted part of a Bangor Daily News editorial on Question 1.  The post contained a piece of the Op/Ed which addressed the claim by Yes on 1 that gay marriage will be forced to be taught to children in Maine schools if the people’s veto fails.  Those claims are false, as the Op/Ed points out.  You can read the excerpt from Dirigo Blue here.  The Op/Ed goes on to question more of the validity of the Yes on 1 claims.  It is important here to separate fact from speculations and outright falsehoods.  The remainder of Op/Ed will appear after the cut. 

The example of the second-grader featured in the Stand for Marriage Maine advertisement happened in Massachusetts, but Fish pointed to a video that was shown recently to fifth-graders in Portland public schools that was part of an optional family living course. The video portrays a variety of family types, including one girl who introduces her two dads as a gay couple but doesn’t actually talk about marriage.

Fish used it as an example that homosexuality can be and sometimes is discussed, so why would same-sex marriage be far behind?

Jesse Connolly, campaign manager for No On 1, addressed the video.

“We did some research on it actually. It has been shown for five years. It has been vetted at the local level,” he said. “There is a distinct difference between [discussing] the diversity of families and talking about marriage.”

But Fish said making same-sex marriage legal just opens the door to talk about the issue freely.

Educators don’t think that will happen, but even if it does, it would be done at the local level.

“There were 10 bills introduced this year to make changes to the Maine Learning Results for a number of different topics and not one of them passed,” said Alfond. “There are already too many things on teachers’ plates.”

Public school teachers all seem to say the same thing. “There is not a gay curriculum” said Sherri Gould of Corinna, Maine’s 2005 Teacher of the Year. “For anyone to think this is going to create random and rampant sex education changes is really a falsehood.”

If you have questions about what your children are being taught at school, contact your local school department. For examples of sex education lesson plans at various grade levels visit

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