Yes On 3 Wants Your Story Heard

Have a story about how school consolidation has impacted your district?  The Repeal Consolidation campaign would like to have your story.  Here is your chance to make your opinion heard.  More details in the statement below.

Good afternoon everyone,

I have had a number of e-mails this weekend telling me about various stories about consolidation in your town.

It is very important that all these stories get onto our website and also onto the facebook account which is listed at the bottom of our home page.

Please forward any information about the problems your town has faced with consolidation.   Please send these stories with your permission to print them to our website: please go to the “contact us” page, fill in the story and click “submit information”.  [You can also send your stories] to the facebook page at

Please pass the word on to your friends all over the state so that we can tell everyone “our story”.  Even if you have an opinion about consolidation, please feel free to send it.  This is also a gentle reminder to write letters to the editor.

I welcome and encourage any suggestions which will help us tell “our story”.

Thank you,


Separating Same-Sex Marriage Fact From Fiction

Earlier, Dirigo Blue posted part of a Bangor Daily News editorial on Question 1.  The post contained a piece of the Op/Ed which addressed the claim by Yes on 1 that gay marriage will be forced to be taught to children in Maine schools if the people’s veto fails.  Those claims are false, as the Op/Ed points out.  You can read the excerpt from Dirigo Blue here.  The Op/Ed goes on to question more of the validity of the Yes on 1 claims.  It is important here to separate fact from speculations and outright falsehoods.  The remainder of Op/Ed will appear after the cut.  Continue reading

Yes On 3 Asks Maine to Start Over

The Yes on 3 campaign to repeal school consolidation believes that the “experiment” is not working.  Political manipulation have allowed some districts to remain exempt while others are threatened Yes on 3 says.  School consolidation, they say, is too rigid, has saved no money, and must be repealed so that a better plan can be put in place.  Read the most recent statement from Yes on 3 after the cut. Continue reading