Yes on 3 (repeal consolidation) Statement

The Yes on 3 campaign has not yet provided The Maine View with an official statement.  Until they do, here is a statement on why you should vote to repeal school district consolidation that appears on their website.  Full statement after the cut.

The law has not worked.

Despite a goal of reducing Maine’s 290 districts to 80 by July 1 of this year, 218 remain. The state says it cannot quantify any savings so far as a result of consolidation, but has spent more than $4 million to try and enforce it. At the same time, property taxpayers in merged districts are seeing their tax rates go up – in one instance by 25 percent.

The law is not fair.

There are 66 districts, representing 55 percent of the state’s enrollment, that were exempt from consolidating
because of size, location or other special dispensations granted by the Department of Education.

Yet citizens in the more than 100 districts that were ordered to consolidate but voted against it are being threatened with $5 million in penalties simply for exercising their democratic rights.

The law is too rigid.

There is no way for a town to get out of a regional district after it joins one. And the law does not recognize
voluntary cooperation among districts as a legal alternative to this failed mandate – cooperation that could
actually save money and improve education.


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