Weekly Blog Round-Up: Referendum Questions, Portland GOP, & More

A  round-up of stories published Sept 27th – Oct 3rd at The Maine View and from other Maine blogs.

The Maine View continued their coverage of No on 1/Protect Maine Equality looking at ads, Catholic support, and other religious support here, here, and hereStephen Bowen and The Maine View commented on school shut down days.  Dr. Robert Hasson SAD #51’s superintendent provided an interview.  The MEA’s Anti-Tabor pdf and a No on 3 statement were also covered.

Augusta Insider brought more updates on the PRCC forum brouhaha with statements from Bruce Poliquin, Peter Mills, and the PRCC.  The Otten Campaign’s lack of comment on a possible Chris Potholm connection was questioned.  Charlie Webster spoke on Sarah Palin, Roll Call added Mike Michaud to the “Obscure Caucus”, and the 16th Gubernatorial Twitter update was launched.

Pine Tree Politics gave their take on the PRCC forum, explain how to effectively run a candidate forum, and you can find out who won the first PTP Republican Primary Poll.

Dirigo Blue looks at Question 2 and provides gubernatorial candidate statements on Question 3.  Dirigo Blue also covers Gov. Baldacci’s trade mission, a new anti-TABOR ad, and reminds us it really is about the schools.

As Maine Goes interviews gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage and asks if Peter Mills deserves a second look from conservatives.

Maine Politics broke the strange email between Chris Potholm and the Otten Campaign.  Email spam from an enthusiastic NYA Alum was posted.  Audio from a same-sex marriage and education conference was also provided.

Tongue-In-Cheek punches me in the gut.

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  1. Whatever happened to New England, the birthplace of individual freedom and the American adventure? The whole of New England drifted back to the Old World way following Rousseau and Marx instead of Jefferson and Madison. My family originated in Maine (Chamberlains) and, though Whigs and Republicans, still reflected the beliefs of the first Democrats as cited in THE CHANGING FACE OF DEMOCRATS on Amazon and http://www.claysamerica.com. Is New England now the iniator of Socialism for America?

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