Faith Leaders Support Equality, Call for NO on 1 in November

Religious leaders from various faiths gathered simultaneously today in both Portland and Bangor.  The Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry in Maine (RCFMM from now on) sought to spread the message that all Maine families ought to be treated equally under the law.  The RCFMM, which represented 18 faith traditions, pledged it’s support for No on 1/Protect Maine Equality.  Full statement after the cut.

The coalition, according to its key spokespersons, said only marriage equality confers full dignity and respect to loving and committed gay and lesbian couples.  The religious leaders also said they are speaking out so that people of faith know that many faith leaders believe deeply in fully supporting all their congregant families.

“I believe that faithful, lifelong, monogamous relationships are among the building blocks of a healthy and stable society, “ said Rt. Rev. Steven T. Lane, IX Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. “Last spring, the rights and obligations of civil marriage were extended to all Maine citizens.  The passage of Question 1 would deny those rights . . . create two classes of citizens and deny one group what we believe is best for them and for society.”

“Marriage creates and enhances stable, committed relationships and the sharing of economic resources and responsibility. Marriage nurtures the individual, the couple, and children,” said Rabbi Darrah Lerner of Congregation Beth El in Bangor.  “Good marriages benefit our communities and express our religious values of long-term commitment and faithfulness.”

Coalition members also noted that throughout Maine’s history, religious liberties have been both valued and protected under the law and that nothing in the new marriage equality law threatens that tradition.

“Religious groups will have the same freedom to act or not act with respect to same-sex unions as they have now,” said Retired United Methodist Pastor and District Superintendent, Rev. Donald Rudalevige, who lives in Cape Elizabeth.

“It is so very important that we affirm the rights of all families in the State of Maine by voting No on 1, for it is my belief that all families are loved by God,” said Rev. Becky Gunn, Pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bangor. “And, all families deserve equal protection under the law.”

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