Question 1 Passions Erupt

The campaigns for and against Question 1 have been really heating up.  You’ve seen the ads at just about every commercial break.  The Op/Ed pages are full of healthy debate.  Even though this is a passionate issue things have remained relatively civil up until now.  I was hugely disappointed after I read the following.

Stand for Marriage Maine, the group fighting to repeal the law legalizing same-sex marriage in the state, says it has been the target of vandals in recent weeks.

The organization says someone stole flowers outside their Yarmouth headquarters, and then someone stole their mail, leaking financial records to their opponents at the No on 1 campaign.

The No On 1 campaign, which supports gay marriage, returned the records to the state ethics commission, saying it won’t stand for anyone breaking the law on its behalf.

Stand for Marriage pressed charges against the person who stole the mail, saying it wants the campaign to be a fair fight. A spokesperson for the group also says that they had a hard time finding space to lease for the campaign because people claimed their group was full of bigots.

There is something that must always be on our minds during this debate.  After November 3rd, no matter the outcome we all have to continue living together.  We have to continue being a respectful community.  Employing jack boot tactics against those you disagree with is not constructive way to prove a point.  Nor is some of the name calling I’ve seen.  Labeling all opponents of same-sex marriage as bigots or all supporters of same-sex marriage as haters of God does nothing to further the debate on Question 1.

It is important that both sides of the same-sex marriage debate remain respectful.  As it says in Luke 6:31, “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

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