No On 3 School Consolidation Statement

In a little over a month Mainers will head to the polls to vote on a number of issues. Questions 1 (same-sex marriage), 2 (excise taxes), and 4(TABOR II) have received a large amount of press.  Question 3 (repeal school consolidation) has been in the shadow of these other issues up until now.  Matthew Stone of the Kennebec Journal has brought the issue into the mainstream media light over the past few days.   I have contacted both No on 3 and Yes on 3 camps.  Both sides have been given an opportunity to make their cases on The Maine View.  Today we have a statement from No on 3.  Full statement after the cut.

When the No on 3 Campaign refers to the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at stake in this election, we’re talking about a savings calculation that has been examined over and over again.

In 2006, the independent and highly respected Brookings Institute issued a comprehensive report, Charting Maine’s Future, that examined ways Maine could improve its economy and restructure government.

A link to the report is available on our website at

Among the issues the Brookings Institute examined was the cost of K-12 administration and the 290 (that’s right – 290!) individual school administrative districts.  They found “significant evidence” that this is far too many, and that Maine spends too much money on school district administration.

The Brookings Institute concluded that a modest reorganization of K-12 school district administration would save Maine taxpayers $25 million every year.

That’s $100 million in the amount of time it takes for one of our students to graduate from high school.

(The Brookings Institute concluded that this reorganization could be done without any change to the number, size and location of any Maine schools).

If you want to keep these savings in your pocket, Vote ‘No’ on Question 3. It Costs Too Much and Hurts Our Schools.


Newell A. Augur


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