Maine Religious Leaders to Announce Support for Marriage Equality

Maine religious leaders will gather at press conferences in Portland and Bangor on Thursday, October 1, at 3:00 p.m. to endorse the NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign.

The Portland press conference will take place at the Immanuel Baptist Church, 156 High Street.

Participants are:

* Rt. Rev. Steven T. Lane, IX Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine
* Rev. David Gaewski, Executive Minister, Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ (UCC)
* Rev. Deborah Davis-Johnson, Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church (American Baptist)
* Rev. Don Rudalevige, Retired United Methodist Pastor and District Superintendent
* Anne Underwood, Founding Member, Catholics for Marriage Equality

The Bangor press conference will take place at the Hammond Street Congregational Church (UCC), 28 High Street.

Participants are:

* Rev. Kent Ulery, President, Bangor Theological Seminary (UCC)
* Rabbi Darah Lerner, Congregation Beth El (Reform)
* Rev. Susan Davies, Dean of Students and External Affairs, Bangor Theological Seminary (UCC)
* Rev. Becky Gunn, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor (UU)

The simultaneously occurring press conferences will allow leaders representing a broad spectrum of Maine’s religious communities to gather in unity to support and endorse NO on 1 and encourage Mainers to vote for fairness and equality.


No On 3 School Consolidation Statement

In a little over a month Mainers will head to the polls to vote on a number of issues. Questions 1 (same-sex marriage), 2 (excise taxes), and 4(TABOR II) have received a large amount of press.  Question 3 (repeal school consolidation) has been in the shadow of these other issues up until now.  Matthew Stone of the Kennebec Journal has brought the issue into the mainstream media light over the past few days.   I have contacted both No on 3 and Yes on 3 camps.  Both sides have been given an opportunity to make their cases on The Maine View.  Today we have a statement from No on 3.  Full statement after the cut. Continue reading