Catholics for Marriage Equality Again Urges Support for NO on 1 to Protect Marriage Equality

Catholics for Marriage Equality are again spreading the message that not all Catholics are against same-sex marriage.  They are reaffirming their support today for No On 1/Protect Maine Equality.  C4ME is asking Catholics who support marriage equality to sign their petition and donate to the No On 1 campaign.  Links and full statement after the cut.

Portland, Maine (Sunday, September 27, 2009)—Catholics for Marriage Equality (C4ME) today again urged Catholics and all Mainers to vote no on Question 1 on the November 3rd ballot, despite an appeal from Bishop Joseph Malone in opposition to marriage equality presented via DVD in parishes statewide today and tomorrow.  C4ME said that it is speaking out because it wants “the diocese to know that it is not speaking for all faithful Catholics.”

“The informed consciences of many Catholics compel them to reject the bishop’s political opinion about same-sex marriage,” said Anne Underwood, a founding member of C4ME.  “Marriage in the Catholic Church is a sacrament reserved to the Church to define and administer. Civil marriage is a right of the state to define and with it comes over 300 state benefits to better the lives of our families and children. No church can morally deprive families and children of state recognition.”

Earlier this month, in response to a diocesan appeal for Catholics to donate to the Question 1 campaign through a special collection at Mass, C4ME suggested that parishioners instead donate funds to NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality (, which opposes Question 1, or to a charity “that is inclusive of all families.”  C4ME has also encouraged supportive Catholics to sign its petition affirming “that the Church can define marriage as it wishes for its members but that marriage as a civil right is the prerogative of the state to define.”  (C4ME’s petition is available at

C4ME’s “Declaration in Support of Marriage Equality” states that the organization “exists to give hope to those who are hurt and angry because of our bishop’s determination to overturn the legislature’s passage of marriage equality.”  The organization asserts that “marriage equality is a matter of civil rights and social justice that Catholics are free to support—indeed, may feel compelled to support as a matter of social conscience and responsible citizenship.”

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