Two Ads Released Urging Voters to Reject Question 1

Two new ads were released today by No on 1/Protect Maine Equality.  One of the ads rebukes further claims made by opponents of same-sex marriage.  The other gets back to what I feel No on 1 does best.  The second ad features real Mainers speaking as to why they support equality for all Mainers in marriage and why Question 1 should be rejected this November.  Release from No on 1 after the cut.

Portland, Maine (Saturday, September 26, 2009)—NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality today launched two new campaign ads, one hitting back on the Question 1 campaign’s distortions, and another featuring Mainers supporting marriage equality and urging voters to reject the ballot measure.

In the first ad entitled “Proud,” the announcer says, “In Maine, we’re proud of every family and every child – regardless of who their parents are.  That’s the Maine way.”

Featuring a Sept. 18th Bangor Daily News editorial which labels Question 1 charges “baseless” and “not true,”  the announcer adds: “Outsiders are trying to harm our kids – and make them feel ashamed.  By making false claims about what’s taught in Maine classrooms.”

In the “All Families” advertisement, Mainers from a variety of backgrounds lend their support of marriage equality.

“What’s wrong with making marriage equal among all Maine people,” asks Newport farmer John Burgess.

“It’s not anybody’s business to interfere with personal decisions,” adds Windham fireman Justin Bragdon.
“This is how most Mainers view marriage equality,” said Jesse Connolly, NO on 1 campaign manager. “They recognize that Question 1 is only about how we chose to treat Maine people and Maine families — with fairness and equality.  In Maine, we don’t tell other people how to live their lives.”

Scripts for each of the ads are attached to this release.  The ads may be viewed online at the following links:


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