No On 1 Campaign Counters “Replica” of Ad Used for Prop 8

It seems like I write one of these daily, but No On 1/Protect Maine Equality has again had to refute false claims made in an ad released by Yes On 1.  I assume this ad that was posted on Stand For Marriage Maine today is the one they reference in this release.  Don’t be fooled by fear.  Read No On 1’s reply below.  Be an active involved parent and you never have to be afraid of what is going on in your child’s education. Continue reading


Teachers Vs Inmates. Inmates Win. UPDATED

I am not an angry person. It takes a lot to push me over. I can get passionate about a subject, but it’s a rare event when I’m actually moved to pure anger. When I read what I’m about to discuss I do believe my face turned fire engine red and scalding steam came out my ears. I’ve settled enough now, only took me 12 hours, to inform you about what got me so riled up.  We’re going to talk a bit about schools and prisons.  Continue reading