Weekly Blog Round-Up: More Green Now, Susan Collins, Polling, & More

A  round-up of stories published Sept 13th – Sept 19th at The Maine View and from other Maine blogs.

The Maine View covered a Tea Party in Biddeford, last weekend’s events concerning Question 1, and the Fitzgibbon Ad.  The Maine Gubernatorial Primary poll wrapped up with Rosa Scarcelli, Bruce Poliquin, and Patrick Quinlan emerging as the victors for their parties.

Augusta Insider covered the Biddeford Tea Party and Senator Olympia Snowe withdrawing her support for the Baucus Bill.  The latest installment of the Gubernatorial Twitter primary is up.  The Augusta Insider also unveiled a new events calender.

Pine Tree Politics interviews gubernatorial candidate Rosa Scarcelli, examines the power of Snowe, and critiques the Daily Kos 2010 Maine gubernatorial poll.

Dirigo Blue looks at the Maine Leads controversy, defends same-sex marriage here, here and here, and the history of Senator Susan Collins on health care.

As Maine Goes publishes a letter from Susan Collins concerning Czars, a Maine Heritage Policy Center legal challenge to tax reform, examines a Representative Chellie Pingree and Donald Sussman ACORN connection, and Tabor Now in the news.

Maine Politics looks at the Green Party divisions over Question 2 here and here.  MP also looks at a poll from Senator Libby Mitchell and the polls methodology.  Gaffs by potential gubernatorial candidates Paul LePage and John Richardson are examined as well.

Tongue-In-Cheek tries to mix comedy with the swine flu and succeeds.

CM Bitter takes a look at health care reform and Rush Limbaugh on racism.


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