Obama’s Indoctrinating Our Kids?

I have a prediction for Tuesday, September 8th.  Some kids will be kept home from school.  Most will attend as usual.  Some schools will not broadcast Mr. Obama’s education speech.  Most will show it.  96% of students will be bored within the first minute and commence texting, listening to music, playing DS, and generally goof off.  52% will enjoy anything the President says because daddy says Obama is awesome. 47.7% will not enjoy anything the President says because daddy says Obama is a Commie.  0.3% will actually be able to objectively tell you what President Obama’s speech was about.

The furor over President Obama’s education speech has rivaled the anger over health care debate.  Michelle Malkin has led the charge against the speech.  Malkin has charge the White House’s suggested questions for teachers as having a “heavy activist bent”.  Malkin also cites Obama’s connection to Bill Ayers and plans to indoctrinate “junior lobbyists” as reason to “hall pass on that“.  Some seem convinced that the speech will quickly veer away from it’s “stay in school” type message into Chairman Obama telling children what they must believe in the public option.

Maine schools have been struggling over whether or not to allow the speech.  RSU 11 has decided not to show the speech in K-8 after receiving complaints from concerned parents.  Brewer Superintendent has said of all the calls he had received on the issue almost 2 to 1 have been against showing the speech.  The lunch time airing of the speech was a concern for the Brewer Superintendent.  It would be a logistical issue to gather all the children interrupting lunch.  Most Maine schools will allow the speech in some way.  Many districts have chosen to record the President’s speech for teachers who later request it or are leaving it up to principals and teachers to decide.

Mr. Obama is not the first President to broadcast a speech to students.  In 1986 President Reagan gave a speech after the Challenge disaster.  George H.W. Bush gave a speech in 1991 to students, which Dems were all over.  Similar charges of politicizing a speech for school children were leveled at the elder Bush.  The speech ended up being exactly what Bush Sr. claimed it would be, a speech on education.  George H.W. Bush even asked people to “Let me know how you’re doing. Write me a letter. I’m serious about this one. Write me a letter about ways you can help us achieve our goals.”  Personally I don’t remember seeing either of these speeches when I was in school.  Clearly they had a large impact on my life.

I expect after the dust has settled Mr. Obama’s speech on education will be remembered as just another speech on education.  They text of the speech is to be released today so we can all see what will be said.  This excitement over the speech is nothing more than a distraction.  One self-proclaimed conservative told me the whole mess was stupid.  There are more important things at stake here than a manufactured hysteria.  While we debate what may or may not be in a speech aimed at keeping kids excited about learning the health care debate, economy, our role in Afghanistan, and many more pressing issues are getting pushed aside.

UPDATE: Just scanned the full text of Obama’s speech.  No mention of public option, socialism, or Billy Ayers.  Lot of focus on being responsible for your own education.  Can we go back to fixing real problems now?


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  1. I am opposed to the speech Obama will be giving to schools. I oppose it because teachers constantly complain about not having enough time to teach what they have to every year. I also do not think that kindergarten students will even remember the speech in high school when it really would matter.

    So, to also provide a solution which would be more effective: speak to the parents of the country. I know cutting out the middle man is often desired in government deals, the parent is one middle man which should never be taken out of issues involving kids. Make a speech to parents instead of students and request an effort for parents to get more involved in their student’s schools. Let parents know they are a crucial part of keeping their kids away from drugs and inspiring their kids to finish high school and look to college as the best option following high school. That is a speech that needs to be made by someone other than our pastors and school principles. It would also keep the parent in control of the final decision as it should be. A government close to, but not controlling of the people is what this country was founded on.

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