Obama’s Indoctrinating Our Kids?

I have a prediction for Tuesday, September 8th.  Some kids will be kept home from school.  Most will attend as usual.  Some schools will not broadcast Mr. Obama’s education speech.  Most will show it.  96% of students will be bored within the first minute and commence texting, listening to music, playing DS, and generally goof off.  52% will enjoy anything the President says because daddy says Obama is awesome. 47.7% will not enjoy anything the President says because daddy says Obama is a Commie.  0.3% will actually be able to objectively tell you what President Obama’s speech was about. Continue reading


The Maine View On Same Sex Marriage in Maine

In 76 days we will know how Mainers feel about same-sex marriage.  There have been rumors that if LD 1020 falls to the People’s Veto, LD 1118 may be resurrected.  Representative Leslie Fossel proposed LD 1118, An Act to Expand Rights for Maine Families, as an alternative to the same-sex marriage proposal put forth in LD 1020.  Rep. Fossel’s bill would have created registered domestic partnerships, rather than extend marriage to all couples.  Rep. Fossel hoped his bill would avoid a “culture war” over same-sex marriage that would derail any unions for gay couples.  However anything but absolute legal marriage equality for same-sex couples is not good enough anymore. Continue reading