Libby Mitchell will challenge other Dems for Blaine House

Senate President Libby Mitchell filed yesterday to run for Governor. The South Carolina born, Vassalboro senator will join 5 other Democrats and 15 contenders overall. Senator Mitchell has released a statement on her run, which has been provided in full below.

Elizabeth (Libby) Mitchell, Maine Senate President, filed her declaration of intent today to run as a Maine Clean Elections candidate for Governor. Mitchell, the only woman in the country to have served as both Speaker of the House and President of the Senate, is an attorney and former teacher. She is a former Director of Maine State Housing Authority, a multi-million dollar agency providing loans to first time home buyers. She has served for many years on the board of Maine General Health Association. Mitchell has just completed nine years of service as a Vassalboro selectwoman.

Mitchell announced her decision after talking with voters around the state about their vision for the next Governor. While California and other states imploded in this national recession, Maine laid foundations for future prosperity. Maine lowered income tax rates. Maine invested in wind energy and biomedical research. Maine did this with bipartisan civility. The Wall Street Journal called this “The Maine Miracle.”

“I am proud of my leadership in these achievements. But we are not out of the woods yet. There are lots of tough choices ahead and I’ve shown that I am not afraid to make them as Senate President.

My first priority as Governor will be to create good jobs by building upon the strengths of our great schools, solid work ethic, abundant natural resources, and wonderful quality of life.”

“If I have the privilege of serving as Governor, Maine will lead in renewable energy production – both earning money by selling energy produced in Maine to other states, and saving money by reducing our dependence oil imports. Maine will lead in educating our workforce – helping our students get the skills they need at a price they can afford. Maine will lead in getting health costs under control, while providing access for all. Maine will lead in reinventing its farming and fishing and wood products industries to compete in the world economy. Maine will lead in creating high-quality tourism experiences.”

“This year I helped Maine gain a step on other states. We are better prepared than most to emerge from the recession quickly. Now I want to lead Maine’s economy in the recovery. My entire career has prepared me for the challenge.”

Mitchell is choosing to run as a Clean Elections candidate because she believes it is more important for her to spend time talking to Maine voters, rather than spending time in a back office dialing wealthy strangers and friends. “I’ll talk to the people. I’ll hear from the people. That’s how we’ll build a consensus on how to deal with the tough choices ahead.”

Mitchell is married to Jim Mitchell and they are the parents of four adult children, all living and working in Maine. They also have 6 grandchildren.


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