Running for governor isn’t as easy as it looks

The Augusta Insider spoke the other day on the challenge for independent candidates in Maine. As the Augusta Insider points out, even though Maine is known as independent friendly, it takes a certain mix of qualities for an independent candidate to win in Maine. The Augusta Insider cited fundraising ability, name recognition, being part of a major party in the past, and major party voter satisfaction with their own parties as ingredients to seeing an independent in the Blaine House.

I’ve commented on independent and centrist politics a few times here at The Maine View. Here are my two cents on running as an independent in Maine and running for governor in general.

Winning the Blaine House is no easy task. Any Jane or John Doe off the street will have a difficult time competing against well known candidates. This goes for those running as major party candidates as well as independents. Frankly, that is how it should be.

Our government is partly about everyone having a chance. Anyone can run for governor. It is also about election the best person for the job, even though that can be relative. I don’t want just any schmuck off the bus or basement conspiracy theorist at the head of my state.

Life is not easy for an independent candidate, or any candidate for that matter. The true leaders will be separated from pretenders by signature gathering and fundraising, we hope. The election system is tough, but it is fair. Like Longley, King, and Merrill, if voters believe in a independent candidate they will at least survive until November.


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