More Maine towns make voting even easier

The Maine government has just made acquiring an absentee ballot even easier. The state launched it’s new online absentee ballot request service. Maine Today is reporting that 189 cities and towns are participating in the program. This 2009 service is a upgrade from 2008, the first year online absentee ballot requests began. When the service began only 52 municipalities participated.

President Obama made a huge investment in early voting and absentee as did Sen. McCain in the 2008 election. Many early voting polls showed then Sen. Obama leading Sen. McCain. Though many had probably decided who they would vote for by mid October, when most of the polls were taken, early voting in Obama’s favor may have given him an extra boost with voters.

Now that absentee voting is even easier for many Mainers, will gubernatorial candidates take advantage? Can we expect to see candidates spending extra time in communities supporting absentee voting? In a close race, it could spell victory for those who invest.

You can sign up to receive your absentee ballot for 09 here.