Changes in the Maine Today family

Richard Connor, the new owner of the Maine Today and all it’s subsidiaries, has written a notice today explaining the changes at the company. The Augusta publishing division which puts out the Kennebec Journal and the Waterville division which produces the Morning Sentinel will be moved to South Portland. This switch will “enhance our products by providing later deadlines for more timely news and more full-color pages on which to print that news”, says Connor, by utilizing South Portland’s newer and faster presses. Connor is also planning to relocate many of the Portland Press Herald staff to South Portland and other offices in the area.

“We have many improvements planned for all of our newspapers and Web sites in the coming months. And we expect the high level of anticipation and excitement of our readers, our advertisers and our ownership to continue”, Connor went on to write.

I am anticipating the improvements to the Maine Today family of websites. They aren’t they best designed news websites, there are plenty of Maine blogs who have more appealing websites. Then again, content is king. However, considering the schizophrenic nature of some of the writing at the KJ lately, I hope they focus on more than bells and whistles.


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