Gubernatorial Candidates Remember Ted Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy will be remembered today at a funeral service in Boston.  The late senator will be later laid to rest in Arlington cemetery next to his brothers he eulogized over 40 years ago.   Several 2010 candidates for governor have provided their thoughts on Senator Kennedy’s passing and legacy. Continue reading


Twitter and Digital Literacy

The digital age has ushered new forms of communication we have yet to fully explore.  We can text, tweet, or blog from just about anywhere to nearly anyone.  Nearly every news outlet, from local papers and stations up to the New York Times and CNN, has a Twitter account.  This pervasive technology has led to a generation of people who are almost constantly reading or writing.  They may not be  producing any epic works (yet), but the net generation are probably the most prolific writers yet. Continue reading

Maine’s Race to the Top Chances

Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s “Race to the Top” is well under way.  The Race to the Top is a national competition for a piece of the $4.35 billion in education stimulus funds. Continue reading

The Ancient Art of Mudslinging

President Obama has been hit hard lately by critics.  A few have decided to take the low road with their criticisms.  The now infamous Obama/Joker mash-up spread furiously over the internet.  Rush Limbaugh recently claimed the Obama Administration’s health care reform logo closely resembled Nazi symbols.  Many expressed outrage, as they should, over a President being compared to one of the most heinous political organizations ever.  Those of us with knowledge of political history know this kind of venomous metaphor is nothing new. Continue reading

South Portland City Council Health Benefits Continue

Debates are raging over health care across the country. Communities are struggling to make fiscal ends meet in the tough economy. The state of Maine recently made state employees – including legislators – contribute to the cost of their healthcare, a first. This is the climate in which the South Portland City Council voted on whether to keep their own health benefits. Continue reading

The First Pick For Governor

Forecaster columnist Edgar Allen Beem has been a lightning rod for love/hate letters over past statements. Just look at the recent letters to the Forecaster concerning Beem: “Beem needs a time-out“, “Beem’s ‘satire’ hits the mark“, and “Beem has it all wrong“. Beem’s most recent column is sure to make 16 people very unhappy and one left smiling. Continue reading

Whole Foods and Health Care

I have tried to avoid the health care debate up to this point. Neither side of the argument has really captured me yet. Large areas of our health care system are despicable. The massive turnout at last week’s fee clinic in Los Angeles indicate something is rotten in Denmark. Clearly, the problem is too large to ignore any longer. We shouldn’t rush out any bill just to say that we have something. That could hurt more than it could help. How we will pay for this plan and how much families will actually save are my main concerns, not “death panels” or big brother telling me what doctor I have to choose. That is not to say I’m against market-based solutions, I’m just not ruling out any proposal, government intervention or no, that solves our problems appropriately. No, I’m content to listen to other people’s opinions at this point. Continue reading