The 2009 Beer Summit

What are the big headlines from the Whitehouse today? Healthcare reform? The economy? North Korea, Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan? Not quite. Everyone seems to be buzzing about Obama and beer.

In a pseudo-issue almost less relevant than the great dog mystery, major news outlets scrambled to discover what beer President Obama would drink at his meeting today with Professor Henry Gates and Police Sergeant James Crowley. Mr. Obama is meeting with the two men in an attempt to quell racial tensions cause by Prof. Gates’ arrest at his Cambridge, MA home and Mr. Obama’s subsequent comments on the affair.

The media covered the impact of the beer choices from every conceivable angle. The implications of who beer manufacturers were tied to, class issues, and prohibition demonstrations are just a small sampling of some topics covered.

In the end Prof. Gates chose Red Stripe, Sergeant Crowley Blue Moon, and President Obama will go with Bud Light. At the risk of sounding elitist I must say Mr. President, that is just nasty.


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