Downeast Pride Alliance backs Steve Rowe

(Cross-posted at Augusta Insider)

Gubernatorial candidate Steven Rowe received an endorsement today from the Downeast Pride Alliance. The Downeast Pride Alliance strives to promote LGBT businesses and create a network of LGBT professionals.

The Downeast Pride Alliance had this to say on their endorsement of Steven Rowe:

“I truly believe that no one will work harder for our interest than Steve! As the former Attorney General, Steve has a long history of being a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community. He whole-heartedly supports marriage equality & will work to defeat any repeal efforts. He was critical for us in winning gay adoption and is also a huge supporter of our small business community. At our first event, Steve was with us supporting DEPA a year ago at the Portland Harbor Hotel”.

With this endorsement we can rule out another potential gubernatorial candidate. Sen Dennis Damon, sponsor of LD 1020 (the same-sex marriage bill) would have almost certainly received DEPA’s backing had he chosen to run. DEPA’s endorsement of Rowe will likely strengthen support from his base, giving Rowe an edge in the Democratic primary. Rowe’s gains across all voters will be less, though social conservatives were not a likely group of supporters for Rowe.


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