Falmouth man has axe to grind with Dunkin Donuts

This story was so crazy I had to share it. Apparently someone really dislikes Subway and Dunkin Donuts in Falmouth.

from Northern Forecaster:

Police say a local man took a hatchet to the entrance door and drive-through window of two Route 1 businesses Monday night.

Peter Hamilton, 58, “went on a rampage with a hatchet” at about 9 p.m., shattering the exterior door that led to a lobby with separate interior entrances to Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts, Lt. John Kilbride said. No one was hurt in the incident in which Hamilton also smashed the coffee shop’s drive-through window and took the hatchet to a license plate on a vehicle in the parking lot, Kilbride said.

“It’s the randomness of it – you don’t see it coming,” he said.

After receiving descriptions of Hamilton and his vehicle from several employees, police picked him up at gunpoint in the Walmart parking lot, where he’d fled in his car after the attack, Kilbride said.

Hamilton was arrested and charged with aggravated criminal mischief, carrying a concealed weapon and violation of condition of release. He is currently in the Cumberland County Jail, Kilbride said.


2 Responses

  1. I wonder if this is the same one that a town wanted removed? If so, the hatred of donuts never holds up. I say the owner made the people angry and thats what the whole uproar is about. We looked it up in our law class a while ago and determined that the reason for not wanting it ("To preserve the appearance of the town") was flawed because they could design the donut shop to match the appearance and feel of the town.

  2. You should check out the whole article. The hatchet wielder was apparently certifiable. "Hamilton, who lives out of his car, has been in Falmouth for most of his life. A few months ago, he had angered some people when he spray-painted "Hate U.S.A." on his Ford Escort, Kilbride said. After a few days, he painted over the words. He has been barred from Fundy Road, where his mother lives, after he allegedly assaulted her a couple of months ago, Kilbride said."

    Trust me, that part of Falmouth is not the most scenic area of the town. Just a strip on Rt 1 with a Walmart, fast food, and supermarket.

    I think Camden is the town you're thinking of. Here's my take on the story

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