Tipping Point on the Maine political blogging scene

Mike Tipping, writer of the Tipping Point for Down East and MainePolitics.net, has taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging. His excuse is a valid one, hiking the Appalachian Trial in Argentina. In his absence, Tipping has pointed out a few blogs that have taken up the cause.

Maine View friends, The Augusta Insider received top billing in the article (congrats guys!).

from Tipping Point:

One of the newest is Augusta Insider. In their introductory post, the anonymous authors announced that they plan to be “your source for news, rumors, and commentary on Maine politics.”

A note sent using the site’s contact form elicited this response by email:

“We’re just a couple of staffers in the Augusta area who are taking an aside from our day jobs to do this bipartisan news/analysis blog. We feel that there was a real hole left when PolitickerME.com folded, and we’re trying to fill that a little bit. By working together and combining our knowledge and contacts, we hope to produce yet another high-quality political blog for Maine.”

The blog has been providing a running tally of the number of twitter followers of each of the 2010 gubernatorial contenders, among other interesting content.

Tipping goes on, giving nods to Leave it to Seaver, As Maine Goes, Colin Woodward, and yours truly.

from Tipping Point:

Derek Viger is a public policy grad student and a father of two girls, so I’m not sure when he finds the time to post his thoughts on Maine politics and a variety of other local and national topics at The Maine View. Viger says he doesn’t “come for the right or the left” with his writing and just expresses his personal views.

“I think that trait is inherently bred into Mainers and I hope that my blog inspires and informs those from Maine and otherwise,” said Viger.

There are two blogs Tipping, in my opinion, should not have left out. Dirigo Blue, which was until recently Turn Maine Blue, has been covering progressive politics for some time. Then there is Pine Tree Politics. I am glad Matt Gagnon could slice some time out of his life to continue blogging. No offense to any other Maine bloggers, but between PTP, the Augusta Insider, and the occasional mass media outlet I don’t need anything else. There are some rising stars that should be watched, but for the time being those two are the highest quality in what they do.


Mike Tipping wrote an article back in November of last year detailing a number of blogs, including Turn Maine Blue and Pine Tree Politics.


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