Dawn Hill hits Twitter

Dawn Hill is finally on twitter. 20 following, 23 followers, and 1 update. Website up too.

Is it just me, or is Election Mall doing a lot of work here in Maine this season?

Odd Maine gubernatorial statistic

I got to thinking today how many incumbents or incumbent parties have won the Blaine House. I started with the election of Democrat Joseph Brennan in 1978. There is a strange pattern. Every governor stays in office for their two term limit. Brennan, McKernan, King, and Baldacci all fit this pattern. At the end of the incumbent parties lost the Blaine House. Democrat to Republican to Independent to Democrat.

If the current model holds then the Democrats may be in hot water this election season. Still, like the it’s weather, Maine’s politics is bound to surprise.

Irregular Times questions Patrick Quinlan’s seriousness

In a post last week the Irregular Times questioned if Green Party candidate Patrick Quinlan is actually serious about his run for governor. When you compare what he has done so far with the legwork that Lynne Williams has been putting in the answer, as Irregular Times points out, becomes clear.

from Irregular Times:

Williams has a campaign website that solicits donors and volunteers. She has an active Facebook group and (although I don’t understand the need for or substance of this) twitters about campaign activities as well.

Lynne Williams has submitted her July 2009 Pre-Election Semiannual campaign finance report, which was released to the public this afternoon. The report shows 31 contributions of more than $50, none more than $100, including Tom Hayden (yes, that Tom Hayden).

Patrick Quinlan has a website, but that website makes no mention of him running for public office (the website promotes his three novels and one co-written memoir). Quinlan’s MySpace page similarly makes no mention of a gubernatorial run. A blog of his mentions him “thinking about running for Governor of Maine” and “whether I ultimately run for Governor or not,” as late as June 23 of this year, long after Lynne Williams’ campaign was effectively up and running. Quinlan’s required Pre-Election Semiannual campaign finance report has not yet been posted.

There’s a lot of time left in the 2010 election cycle, but judging by the status of candidacies today, it looks as though there may be just one major Green Party candidate for Governor of Maine in 2010.

It’s true. I tried my damnedest a while back to write something about Quinlan, but there just isn’t anything out there. Unless you are curious about his most recent tome that is. Quinlan does have a blog, with two posts; one about his book and the other about peak oil.

Maybe Quinlan is just hanging back, seeing what moves his competitors make first. A little strategery maybe? My gut tells me Williams can probably put away the Pepto and relax.