That money from "away"

Some Mainers are concerned about things from “away”. Now away could mean that car with out of state plates going the wrong way down State Street. Or it could be someone Southern Maine, the next county, or even the next town over. Away is a relative term.

When it comes to campaign financing, Mainers feelings are just as varied when it comes to money from “away”. To some every outside dollar is an attempt at outside influence on Maine, a swipe at our way of life. That $500 from a New Yorker might as well be another McMansion. Others realize that we are in a global and highly mobile society. Friends, relatives, and business connections we’ve made over the years can easily be spread from coast to coast. If I ran I’d get donations from California, Kentucky, and Massachusetts just to name a few. No matter which opinion you hold, it is a fact that Maine enjoys a great deal of election transparency. Any citizen can pour over the finance reports, looking for whatever they wish.

So today I have complied a few pie charts showing the percent of in state donations versus out of state for each candidate. Enjoy!

2 Responses

  1. Excellent idea for some charts, my friend. Love it. Great stuff.

  2. It was a pain in the @$$ to add up all those numbers for everyone. Thanks a lot Bruce!

    I forgot to mention that I did not include Bruce's $100K in his graph.

    My numbers are also not gospel. It's hard to keep all those stats together when I'm asked to draw Mover Rich every couple of minutes. If they are even off at all, it isn't enough to effect the outcomes.

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