Fund raising reports due today

(hat tip to Pine Tree Politics for this story) June 30th has come and gone. Reports stating all those lovely dollars gubernatorial candidates had raised up to that point are due today. Only four candidates out of the eleven have filed their reports. Candidates only need to file if they have raised or spent more than $1,000 by June 30th. So at this point, if someone hasn’t filed they may not have begun campaigning or fundraising in earnest yet. Check out Matt Gagnon’s piece at Pine Tree Politics for some great comprehensive analysis of the totals.

Fund raising Totals

Matt Jacobson:
Raised – $39,586
Cash on hand – 10,008

Bruce Poliquin:
Raised – $276,939
Cash on hand – $192,227

Steve Rowe:
Raised – $59,232.60
Cash on hand – $57,791.67

Lynne Williams:
Raised – $3,295
Cash on hand – $1,162.53

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