Augusta Insider Twitter Update

Augusta Insider has published it’s newest count of the Gubernatorial Twitter Primary. Though they place Alex Hammer in the lead, and you can see a little of their reasoning in the comment section at the AI, I still stand by my call of Matt Jacobson holding the top spot. Jacobson’s explosion of followers, while maintaining a high number of tweets he is following, in such a short period of time is impressive.

The state of the Maine gubernatorial race on Twitter.

Independent Alex Hammer (@AlexHammer) is following 483, has 354 followers, and 585 Tweets; +5 Followers.

Republican Matt Jacobson (@jacobson4gov) is following 375, has 515 followers, and 39 Tweets; +209 Followers.

Republican Bruce Poliquin (@BruceForME) is following 74, has 74 followers, and 89 Tweets; +11 Followers.

Republican Les Otten (@LesOtten) is following 0, has 16 followers, and 0 Tweets; +9 Followers.

Democrat Steven Rowe (@Steven_Rowe) is following 0, has 99 followers, and 2 Tweets; +7 Followers.

Green Independent Lynne Williams (@Lynne4Governor) is following 10, has 29 followers, and 12 Tweets;+2 Followers.


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