Pine Tree Politics on netroots in Maine

The title to this post may sound boring, but Matt Gagnon’s article at Pine Tree Politics is not. Matt dives right into the netroots campaign that has evolved in the Maine 2010 gubernatorial election.

The piece was well researched and well thought out. Spot on and not just because Matt was so gracious to my blog. Matt checks out candidate blogs, Twitters, and Facebook pages, also mentioning candidate Wikipedia articles. I wont tell you who Matt thinks is ahead in the net race so far. Read the darn thing!

Just a little addendum to Matt’s piece:

Steve Rowe has the most impressive Facebook page and following so far. I’m still curious to see how his website will stack up to his competitors, especially after the Otten affair.

It’s interesting to see that the Republican candidates seem to be leveraging the netroots movement rather well, much more effectively than their competition at this point. With the cyclical tide of politics against the Democrats, it would be unwise for them not to follow suit.

Head over to Pine Tree Politics and check it out. This election is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in gubernatorial history.

One Response

  1. Thanks for the compliment Derek.

    Like I said over at PTP, its always seemed to me that innovation was driven by need… the out of power party tends to search for ways to get a leg up, and as such tend to focus more on things like this – which is something we are seeing now.

    You are right about Rowe and Facebook though – I should have featured that more prominantly. HIs presence there is quite impressive.

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