Poliquin’s fundraising take

Republican candidate Bruce Poliquin announced his fundraising haul today. Poliquin raised $277,265 during the first reporting period of 2009. $117,351 came from donors and $159,913 from his own pocket. In an impressive showing of online organization, the Poliquin team gathered $35,000 through online donations, more than half of which came within 48 hours of the fundraising deadline.

Poliquin’s use of effective netroots tactics has bared fruit. “This is the grassroots hard work that has to be done if we’re going to bring a new type of government to Augusta,” said Poliquin in his fundraising release. Poliquin’s bus tour, somewhat reminiscent of the Sen. McCain’s fabled “Straight Talk Express” has been the anchor of his grassroots movement. Like his competitors, Poliquin seems to be settling into this new age of campaigning well. Poliquin’s blog provides a useful supplement to his clear platform. Facebook has garnered Poliquin 239 supporters, which third overall with Matt Jacobson at 367 and Steve Rowe at the head of the pack with 593. Unlike his competitors, you cannot view Poliquin’s Facebook page unless you are a supporter. This could be a fumble on the Facebook front for Poliquin. Being open as possible attracts Facebook users who may not have otherwise considered you, not just people who already know what you stand for. Not everyone will take the time to visit Poliquin’s site.

“I’m not taking anything for granted,” says Poliquin. In a race with so much competition, anyone who does will only have one view of the Blaine House; from the outside looking in.


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