Maine gubernatorial Twitter shakeup

Matt Jacobson as taken the lead in the Maine gubernatorial Twitter race. Jacobson has amassed 494 followers on his Jacobson4Gov Twitter. This is a big upset. Candidate Alex Hammer has held the title as Twitter King since the onset of the gubernatorial race. In the Augusta Insider’s last Twitter Primary update Hammer had 349 followers to Jacobson’s 306. Jacobson had gained 215 followers since the Insider’s last update while Hammer had lost 8. As the Augusta Insider stated in their first update, Hammer’s profile is non-political and existed before the campaign began while his competitors Tweets were created strictly for the gubernatorial race.

Hammer’s Tweet was a serious advantage for the Independent. Twitter remains a quick and effective way to reach supporters. It will surely remain important to the campaigns this election, as will candidate websites, blogs and Facebook.

Head over to the Augusta Insider to continue following the Twitter Primary.


4 Responses

  1. Republicans know Twitter, man… good for him!

  2. Seriously, are you retarded?

  3. Wow, Newswire (I guess I wouldn't use my real name either), I'm not so sure you've made any point you make worthy of any regard in the future.

    Well done, and good use of the word "retarded".

    Best regards,

    Iman Poeraatmadja

  4. I'd rather not have to approve comments. If you have a rebuttal that shows at least some sign of intelligence that's fine, but name calling? Grow up or don't bother.

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