Steppin’ into the Twilight Zone

Just when I was starting to think Sarah Palin had some shred of political savvy she goes and quits. Why? Well there are, at this point, thousands of opinions on the matter. The Moderate Voice and Donklephant can supply you with more than a few. Maine politicos at Turn Maine Blue and As Maine Goes throw in their two cents as well.

After a long two weeks of shocking deaths, this news made me pinch myself. And her speech! Can one even call it that. Calling Palin’s resignation address a speech would just confuse school children as to what a speech actually is. No kids, that was just disorganized rambling. That will not bring you success on the debate team.

You’ve all heard the dead fish and basketball analogies. Well you can’t BS a BSer. You wouldn’t quit the basketball game halfway through the first period, especially if it was your first game. I don’t understand how quitting because you couldn’t do the job makes you any kind of hero, or is a smart political move. Imagine if she HAD been vice president. “Well country, the media has been a big meanie to me and those darn Democrats wont let me skeet shoot in the Rose Garden. I can see nothing is going to get done so I quit. Told’ja I was mavericky.”

While this may be the political death of Sarah Palin, I imagine there is something up her sleeve. There is a more lucrative game in town and Palin wants in on it. I would not be surprised if there is some sort of punditry in her future. Fox News could expect a HUGE ratings boost with Palin on the payroll. Plus there is radio, books, news columns, all sorts of better paying avenues than Gov. And ones where you can do what ever your moose shootin’ self likes.

She, maybe Palin isn’t as crazy as you thought…Did I really just write that. This must be the Twlight Zone.


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